Ben and John have been making films together since their first sleep-over in the second grade, Ben’s Mom being their original DP. With a knack for surrealistic and subtle humor, the boys have been experimenting behind the lens together for over 20 years. Also accomplished writers, editors, and actors, the boys understand filmmaking from the top down. They consider themselves brothers with a shared mind and vision, and adopt a two-headed monster technique on set.

The duo specializes in visually compelling and well paced comedic content that stands out in this heavily saturated media landscape. They’re story tellers, entertainers, and collaborators by nature. Together, they know how to develop characters, craft performances, make discoveries, foster improvisation, shoot for the edit, and deliver engaging and entertaining content that inspires repeat viewings. At heart, they’re just two best friends who share a lifelong love for creating and entertaining together.

They’ve written and directed a range of different projects for brands like Funny or Die, Ikon Ski Pass, Turbo Tax, Hamms Beer, Columbia, and many more. They’re currently developing scripted series for EOne Entertainment and Little Ugly. As writers, they’re represented by Kyle Loftus at APA.